Betaine HCL Pepsin 250 caps by Pure Encapsulations

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Betaine HCL Pepsin is a dietary supplement that uses gastric-juice components to promote healthy digestion. This Pure Encapsulations product contains amino acids and enzymes that assist various gastrointestinal functions.


  • The compounds found in Betaine HCL Pepsin help the body absorb the nutrients it needs, like iron, Vitamin b12, and protein.
  • The gastric juices in this Pure Encapsulations supplement also help proteins degrade, which spurs on necessary enzymatic processes.
  • Betaine also helps to promote a healthy microbial balance in the stomach.
  • The pepsin in this supplement is derived from high-quality porcine and the betaine is synthetic.

Betaine HCL Pepsin helps to normalize microbial balance, maximize nutrient absorption, and enhance the solubilization of food. The gastro-juice components in this Pure Encapsulations product help to restore digestive function by maximizing nutritional support. This supplement is recommended for anyone whose digestion has been affected by inadequate absorption of nutrients.

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