Artemisinin 100 mg 300 caps by Allergy Research Group

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Artemisinin 100 mg by Allergy Research Group is a dietary supplement featuring only one ingredient. Also known as qinghaosu and sweet wormwood, the compound is taken to promote both an overall healthy intestinal tract and the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. The amount within the product measures at a 0.3 to 0.5% potency, making it a much higher dosage than simply taking supplements that use the entire herb. It is also guaranteed to be 98.5% pure and absolutely free of thujone, a chemical often regulated because of its negative effect on the body’s GABA receptors.

While traditionally found in Asia, sweet wormwood is now grown all over the world for its medicinal properties. In ancient Chinese medicine, it was used to treat digestive issues, namely in areas where sanitation was not high. In recent times, it has been mainly used as a way to treat malaria as it is often easily tolerated by those afflicted and is effective. For those without malaria, it is best used in its original role to heal the digestive tract. By cleaning out many dangerous bacteria that travel through the digestive tract, the artemisinin indirectly supports the growth and sustained amount of healthy gastrointestinal flora. As over half of the body’s immune system is based around a properly working digestive tract, this then aids in promoting overall health.

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