Adrenal Cortex 100 mg 100 vcaps by Allergy Research Group

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Individuals who feel constantly fatigued or who are facing very stressful situations in their daily lives can benefit from Adrenal Cortex. This dietary supplement is designed to provide support for the functioning of your adrenal cortex, located outside each of the body's adrenal glands and responsible for releasing a variety of hormones that contribute to good health and the smooth operation of a number of physical systems.

People who constantly encounter stress in their lives can quickly have their immune systems depleted in addition to suffering from lowered adrenal function. This can result in constant feelings of tiredness, low energy and fatigue, in addition to becoming more susceptible to illness because the body's immune system response is constantly depressed. This pure and natural Allergy Research Group formula is one of several glandular therapies offered by the company which introduce authentic animal-derived tissues into the body in order to stimulate hormone production as well as improved hormone regulation.

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