Email Instructions

Ensure our promotions emails go to your Primary Inbox folder every month by doing one or all of the following: **Please note: these instructions were performed in Gmail on a computer. Although all email platforms vary, the instructions listed here should be similar for whichever email provider you utilize. Instructions for doing this on mobile devices may slightly differ as well. For instructions specific to your email provider, simply search online (example search: "how to add a an email contact in Yahoo"). 

  1. Add us to your contacts list:

    In Gmail (and other email platforms) this can be done by opening a promo email from us, hovering over the contact name "Blue Sky Vitamin," a drop down will appear with the Add to Contacts tab.

  2. Move our promo emails to your Primary Inbox folder:
    Often times promo emails get filtered off into a different "Promotions" or "Shopping" folder. In order to avoid this, you can simply move our promo emails to your Primary Inbox folder, which tells your email platform filters that our promo emails should be sent to your Primary Inbox and not filtered to a different folder. This can be done a couples ways. Again, this was done in Gmail, but should be similar in other email platforms. 

    One way to do this is to open one of our promo emails and select the Move to Inbox icon: 

    Another way is to search "blue sky vitamin" in your search box, then select and hold one of our promo emails, and drag it into your Primary Inbox folder: