Cholest Blend 90 caps by Vitanica

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Keeping your cholesterol in check is important for your overall health. Cholest Blend is an all-natural supplement developed by Vitanica and is designed to help improve nearly every aspect of your cholesterol profile. This includes lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Cholest Blend achieves this through the use of policosanol, which is a plant sterol. The natural ingredients inside this specially formulated supplement, such as gugulipid and pantethine, interfere with the absorption of cholesterol in the body. Vitanica also adds vitamin C to this supplement to support overall health.

• Studies show that policosanol can raise HDL and lower triglycerides.
• Cholest Blend contains natural ingredients such as vitamin C, artichoke and garlic extract.
• Vitanica has developed this supplement to be gluten-free and safe for veterinarians.
• Cholest Blend interferes with the absorption of cholesterol, allowing the body to rid itself of excess amounts.

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90 caps