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B2 100 mg from NOW is a dietary supplement designed to support proper energy production by supplying the body with the essential coenzyme factor necessary to metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The key ingredient in B2 100 mg by NOW is Vitamin B-2, often referred to as riboflavin, necessary for the process that helps regenerate glutathione to support the body's natural immune system response and detoxification processes. This water-soluble vitamin cannot be stored in the body and must be replenished on a daily basis to ensure proper energy production.

Men and women who incorporate B2 100 mg by NOW into their dietary routine on a daily basis can expect to enjoy several key health benefits:

  • Supports proper energy production through the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Helps regenerate glutathione for improved immune system health and detoxification.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Promotes growth and development of body tissues and reproductive organs.
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