Ther-Biotic Complete Powder 64 g (60 Servings) by Klaire Labs (F)

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Heat Sensitive Product
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Ther-Biotic Complete Powder by Klaire Labs is a specially designed intestinal health supplement for people who may require additional support with healthier bowl movements. Featuring a hypoallergenic, high-potency blend of twelve certified different probiotic species, Ther-Biotic Complete Powder is one of the most complete spectrums of different microorganisms that are available in the Klaire line brand.

Featuring a combination of transient and colonizing strains, Klaire Labs complete powder is ideal for delivering a broad coverage to help in supporting a balance of healthy microflora within the whole gastrointestinal tract. Ther-Biotic Complete Powder is ideal for individuals who may suffer from intestinal problems from eating wrong to taking too many different antibiotics or medication over a long period of time.

Suitable for sensitive stomachs, Ther-Biotic Complete Powder is free from common allergens and also provides a mix of other ingredients that include InTactic?? proprietary polysaccharide complex and an inulin base derived from chicory root which is easier on the stomach. Ther-Biotic Complete Powder is designed to be taken at least once a day and offers a dietary recommended intake of a 1/4 teaspoon unless otherwise specified by your local practitioner. When storing Klaire Labs complete powder, it is important to tighten the lid securely and refrigerate to help in maintaining the powder??s integrity and life.

Heat Sensitive Product
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