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VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica
VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica

VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica

Product Code: VITA13234
Brand: Vitanica
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Product Description

As a person gets older, their need to maintain good vascular health grows increasingly more important. The vascular system is made up of all the arteries and veins that carry blood through the body to the organs. Factors such as age, family medical history, smoking, diet, and additional factors all contribute to one's vascular health. Along with regular exercise, taking a VasoBlend supplement by Vitanica can be very beneficial.

  • VasoBlend by Vitanica contains a formulation of key ingredients that help support the vascular system.
  • VasoBlend by Vitanica contains Magnesium which studies show may be helpful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The garlic added to Vitanica's VasoBlend can help to reduce stroke-causing blood clots.Studies have shown that a combination of CoQ10 and garlic may be beneficial benefit for stress related heart health.
  • Additional ingredients help support vessel elasticity, healthy vasodilation, and cardiac muscle tone.

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