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Throat Guardian - NaturaNectar Throat Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray Throat Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray Throat Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray
Throat Guardian - NaturaNectar

Throat Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray

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Brand: NaturaNectar
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Product Description

Throat Guardian™ by NaturaNectar: Natural Oral Care

NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ uses an incredible substance called propolis to create a fast-soothing spray for sore throats. This brand not only uses this ingredient, but also provides the more powerful Salomon Propolis® blend, which was developed by Danish-biochemist Sven Salomon in 1974. When the bee makes its hive, it uses this propolis as a coating. This coating is similar to the human skin, as it regulates the bee hive temperature and humidity. Propolis has been used for the following treatments:

  • Cold Sores
  • Dental Pain
  • Immune System
  • Infections
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Skin Irritation

It is extremely difficult to find a strong, potent sanitizer for your mouth, which is non-toxic. Thankfully, the natural propolis throat spray, has been proven to accomplish this important goal. After a visit to the dentist, you might need to treat your healing mouth with this NaturaNectar natural throat spray.

When you experience irritation in your throat, it affects your breathing, and potentially your digestion. Strep throat can destroy your will to eat food since the food will rub against your sensitive throat. You need food to regain your strength and provide the nutrients to your body to fight the illness. Thus, throat illnesses can be very difficult to manage even the most simple tasks. With NaturaNectar’s natural throat spray ingredients, you can soothe the throat irritation in an easy-to-use spray bottle.

NaturaNectar’s Propolis Water Extract (PWE)

NaturaNectar has provided clinical studies to show that their products truly work. A double blind placebo controlled study showed that the patented PWE™-M not only was beneficial in a handful of overall health issues. The study indicated that by taking this extract, it promoted respiratory health, dental health, and inflammation response within the body.

Salomon Propolis Blend

NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ uses the Scandinavian Salomon Propolis® blend to help deal with some maladies that are more common in colder climates. This propolis throat spray only uses water during extraction to maintain the purity of the ingredients. When you want a proven, natural remedy for throat, respiratory and immune support, then NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ can help.

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