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  • Celery Seed Extract 75 mg 60 caps by Natural Factors

  • Ginkgo 60 vcaps by Karuna

  • Healthy Veins 60 vcaps by Davinci Labs

  • Hem-Care 90 caps by Nature's Way (formerly Enzymatic Therapy)

  • Immune Plus 120 vcaps by Theramedix

  • K2-D3 w/Astaxanthin 30 vcaps by Douglas Labs

  • Pycnogenol 50 mg 30 caps by Davinci Labs

  • Pycnogenol 50 mg 60 caps by Davinci Labs

  • Raynaudin 60 caps by Ecological Formulas


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  • RevitalAge Nerve 120 caps by Pure Encapsulations

  • RevitalAge Ultra 90 caps by Pure Encapsulations

  • Super K w/Advanced K2 Comp 90 softgels by Life Extension

  • Varicosin 60 caps by Ecological Formulas


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  • Varitonin 60 caps by Douglas Labs

  • Vas-Cu-Care 120 caps by Montiff

  • VasoBlend 180 vcaps by Vitanica

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  • Vein Complex (Formerly Varicosin) 90 tabs by Integrative Therapeutics


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  • VeinoBlend 90 caps by Vitanica

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  • Venous Optimizer 90 tabs by Jarrow Formulas


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  • Venous Support 90 caps by Karuna


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The body has an amazing network of arteries and veins known as the vascular system. This network is responsible for transporting oxygen-rich blood to all areas of the body, especially all the vital organs, the brain and the extremities. But as the body ages, arteries become more narrow and thick, hampered by a build-up of plaque and cholesterol. Not paying attention to maintaining good vascular support once a person reaches the age of 50 can have dire consequences, including carotid artery disease, stroke and aneurysm caused by restricted blood flowing through the arteries and veins.

A high-fiber, low glycemic diet can help provide important vascular support. But smart dietary choices often aren't enough to prevent a variety of vascular diseases. But there are a variety of nutrients provided by quality supplements that contain vitamins, minerals and botanicals offering vascular support that contributes to good blood circulation, normal ranges of blood fats known as cholesterol, as well as healthy heart function.

Supplements containing fiber, sterols and stanols can provide excellent support for good vascular health because they can drastically reduce the amount of cholesterol that your body absorbs from the foods you consume. Blond psyllium husk commonly found in fiber supplements has proven effective at lowering LDL or bad cholesterol levels and raising HDL or good cholesterol levels. Coenzyme Q10 is an enzyme that naturally helps to lower blood pressure levels, reducing the amount of strain that blood flowing through the system of veins and arteries places on the heart. DHA is an essential fatty acid that is also very beneficial for contributing to a healthy vascular system. Botanicals such as horse chestnut, hawthorn berry, grape seed extract and resveratrol are also beneficial for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels contributing to healthy vascular function.