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  • Benesom 60 tabs by Metagenics

  • Best-Rest Formula 120 vcaps by Pure Encapsulations

  • Best-Rest Formula 60 vcaps by Pure Encapsulations

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  • Liquid Natural Sleep Calming Formula 4 oz by Dr.'s Advantage

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  • Seditol 60 caps by Pure Encapsulations

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An increasing number of individuals whose lives are filled with chronic stress find themselves dragging themselves through their daily routine, hampered by a lack of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep on a nightly basis is essential to good health because it's during this period that the body is involved in repairing and healing blood vessels and the heart muscle, in addition to helping regulate hormone production and blood glucose levels, all the while supporting proper immune system and cognitive function. Chronic insomnia affects the quality of both physical and mental health, in addition to inhibiting the ability to learn, make decisions and solve problems during a person's waking hours. Regular exercise and a well-balance diet can support an individual's ability to fall asleep and enjoy a quality night's rest. But there are also supplements that can help fight insomnia and increase the likelihood of waking up in the morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and raring to go. A multivitamin containing the B vitamins that regulate energy production can help to prevent insomnia. An adequate intake of both calcium and magnesium, combined with Vitamin D3 to ensure proper calcium absorption, are also essential for helping reduce stress, fight fatigue and help the musculoskeletal system to relax. Melatonin is also recognized as one of the most effective supplements to help provide a good night's rest. A substance known as 5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, produced from an amino acid called tryptophan, can aid in increasing serotonin levels in the brain to promote a good night's sleep, in addition to easing depression and promoting a calm emotional frame of mind. GABA helps to decrease anxiety levels and promote drowsiness, and the amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Theanine work to promote a calm, relaxed feeling, making it easier to let go of worries and fall asleep.