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  • Air-Power 100 tabs by Nature's Way (formerly Enzymatic Therapy)

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The lungs, located in the chest region, are two organs that not only enable the body to take in oxygen from the air through the process of breathing, they also help to remove the toxic gas called carbon dioxide from the body. Anything that inhibits the optimal functioning of the lungs, such as smoking or chronic exposure to pollution, can greatly diminish the quality of life in addition to impacting the health of every other system in the body. Although the continual action of the lungs is taken for granted by most individuals, it's important to provide them with respiratory support in order to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Using air purifiers to remove the amount of dust, pollutants and dirt in the environment is one way to help ensure good lung health. Another is to avoid smoking cigars or cigarettes, as well as second-hand smoke exposure, which can directly damage the health of the lungs. Another good method of providing respiratory support to the lungs is to supply them with a variety of beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients, either directly from dietary choices or by taking quality dietary supplements.

Beta-carotene in a daily multivitamin goes a long way toward protecting the cells of the lungs. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can help to protect lung cells from the oxidative effects of smoke and pollution. Coenzyme Q10 is another antioxidizing agent that improves the delivery of oxygen to respiratory cells. Vitamin D and B Vitamins have proven effective at reducing the risk of lung cancer by boosting immune system response. Certain herbal ingredients popular in Chinese medicine, such as Zhu ling mushroom and Cordyceps and reishi mushrooms, are beneficial at promoting optimal respiratory function and helping lower the risk of such chronic lung diseases as COPD.