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Providing the body with the proper kidney support to help keep these vital organs functioning optimally is one of the first priorities to maintain good health. The body's two kidneys perform the all-important task of filtering waste materials out of the blood. The renal artery delivers blood to the kidneys on a round the clock basis more than 400 times daily in order for nephrons, or very small filters, to remove waste material, combining it with water to become urine, which is ultimately excreted from the body. The kidneys are also responsible for helping balance the amount of minerals and fluids in the body. Poor kidney function results in poor quality blood, which in turn can lead to poor health, and a variety of undesirable health issues.

Consuming adequate amounts of fresh water on a daily basis is one vital way to provide kidney support. Consuming a proper amount of certain vitamins and minerals is another important way to protect the health of the kidneys in their ongoing work of detoxifying the blood supply.

Fat-soluble Vitamin D is very beneficial for good kidney health, as is Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect kidney cells from the oxidative damage caused by scavenging free radicals. Vitamin B-6 is helpful toward preventing the formation of crystals within the kidneys commonly known as kidney stones. Calcium and potassium are two additional minerals that should be included in the diet in supplement form to prevent a deficiency which can cause the kidneys to lose their ability to control the quality of blood filtration that passes daily through their nephrons. Including a spectrum of nutrients beneficial to good kidney health provides the kidney support necessary to prevent chronic kidney diseases.