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  • Bone Support 180 Caps by Nutri-Dyn

  • Bone Support Extra Strength 180 Tabs by Nutri-Dyn

  • Bone Support w/ Magnesium 180 Tabs by Nutri-Dyn

  • Chondro-Relief Plus 180 Capsules by Nutri-Dyn

  • Crave-Curb 180 Capsules by Nutri-Dyn

  • Dynamic Slender Drink Strawberry Kiwi by Nutri-Dyn


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  • Essential Multi 180 Caps by Nutri-Dyn

  • Estro Balance by Nutri-Dyn

  • Stress Essentials Balance by Nutri-Dyn

  • Stress Essentials Serenity 180 Caps by Nutri-Dyn

  • Ultimate Fat Burner 180 caps by Nutri-Dyn

  • Zinc Pro 180 Caps by Nutri-Dyn


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Before he founded Nutri-Dyn, David Peterson sold x-ray equipment for 3 years to physicians. During that time, he saw the positive results patients had with nutrition based supplements and support along with other non-pharmaceutical methods.

In 1973, David started his business out of his parents’ house. His brother, Greg became a partner and sales manager for the business. Nutri-Dyn continues to be a family-owned business. Nutri-Dyn has several partnerships with different manufacturers that are GMP, organic, kosher and non-GMO certified. These manufacturers undergo audits from government agencies as well as private agencies often.

Nutri-Dyn is also a leader in the health educational field, often educating practitioners, the healthcare industry and hosting prominent medical figures, such as Dr. Jeffrey Bland. Dr. Bland is recognized as a leader in the nutritional medicine industry.

Nutri-Dyn’s nutritional supplements are formulated based on science. Nutri-Dyn has their own science and research team, each with their own expertise within the science, medical and health industry.

Nutri-Dyn's Fruits and Greens, Dynamic BCAA drinks and the Omega Pure product line are among some of their most popular products.