Zinc Chelate 50 mg 100 tabs by Douglas Labs (DISCONTINUED)

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Although the body only needs a very minimal amount of zinc, an essential trace element, for good health, the body cannot produce it naturally. Although individuals can include such zinc-rich foods as nuts, seafood and whole grains into their diets in order to get their zinc requirement, Zinc Chelate by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement that ensures the body gets the appropriate amount of zinc it needs on a daily basis to function properly. Douglas Labs uses a formula in its Zinc Chelate that makes the zinc more easy for the body to absorb because it has been chelated with gluconic acid.

Taking Zinc Chelate by Douglas Labs on a regular basis can provide the following health benefits:

  • Strengthening of the immune system response.
  • Heightened prevention against catching colds and flu.
  • Promotion of good vision and eye health.
  • Promotion of proper enzymatic functions.
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