Wellness Essentials Women's Prime 30 pkts by Metagenics

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When you're past menopause, you have specific health concerns that require you to take different vitamins and supplements in order to keep your body healthy. With Wellness Essentials Women's Prime, Metagenics has you covered. Wellness Essentials Women's Prime provides:

  • Bone density support, which is particularly important in women's post-menopause years
  • Bone remodeling support, which helps keep your bones healthy, stable, and strong throughout the later years of your life
  • Heart health support through Omega-3's
  • Mood stability support that will help you keep your personality intact in spite of the changes your body has been through
  • Essential nutrients that will help keep your entire body strong and healthy
  • Metabolic support to keep your body functioning efficiently through these later years of your life.

Metagenics has taken all of your post-menopausal needs into consideration, creating the Wellness Essentials Women's Prime supplements particularly to supply the nutrients your body needs in order to stay strong and healthy.



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