Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance 30 pkts by Metagenics

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Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance from Metagenics was developed to provide consistent, sustained energy throughout the day. This supplement helps healthy adults maintain steady blood sugar levels between meals.

  • Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance unleashes your body's potential for optimal health.
  • Specially selected phytonutrients and extracts prevent damage to your internal systems.
  • Alpha lipoic acid is an extremely potent antioxidant that prevents structural damage to your cells, preventing them from aging or being weakened by pollution or UV radiation. Alpha lipoic acid has cosmetic benefits too; by protecting your cells against sun damage, it fights off visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sun spots.
  • Metagenics has included omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish in this formula to enhance the functions of your heart and brain.
  • Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance combines all of these different benefits to prolong your life and to keep you feeling youthful and energetic.

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30 Packets