Vitamin E (Natural) 400 IU 180 gels by Pure Encapsulations

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Vitamins are essential to maintain numerous bodily functions, and antioxidants are necessary to eliminate the environmental toxins that damage cells. Some nutrients are both antioxidants and vitamins in one, such as vitamin E. This fat-soluble nutrient protects cells from damage caused by free radicals and maintains healthy tissues. A deficiency of vitamin E could cause digestive discomfort, low immunity and thinning bones. Vitamin E Natural 400 IU from Pure Encapsulations can be used to prevent a deficiency and replenish levels of vitamin E to a balanced level.

• Vitamin E Natural 400 IU helps people with a genetic vitamin E deficiency to maintain proper levels of the nutrient.
• Pure Encapsulations added mixed tocopherols, which are organic compounds in the vitamin E family of nutrients, to this supplement.
• The vitamin E in this Pure Encapsulations formula was derived from D-alpha tocopherol.
• Vitamin E Natural 400 IU may support healthy blood vessels and cells.

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