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Vitamin B-100 SR by NOW is a dietary supplement designed to support optimal functioning of the nervous system. The key ingredients featured in Vitamin B-100 SR from NOW is a comprehensive spectrum of B-vitamins in addition to inositol and choline. In addition to promoting nervous system health, these nutrients serve to support healthy energy production and the healthy metabolism of homocysteine. This supplement is especially beneficial for vegetarians to replenish supplies of B-12, found exclusively in meat and dairy products not included in their diets.

Individuals who take Vitamin B-100 SR by NOW on a daily basis as directed can expect to experience an array of significant health benefits:

  • Supports healthy functioning of the nervous system.
  • Promotes the healthy production of usable energy.
  • Promotes healthy homocysteine metabolism.
  • Supports healthy digestive system function.
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of fatigue.
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