Vital Clear 942 g/33.23 oz by Vital Nutrients

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It can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet all the time. That's why it's important to use a quality supplement to fill in the gaps in your nutrition. Vital Clear 942 g/33.23 oz by Vital Nutrients can help supply a well-rounded blend of nutrients, both macro and micro, to help promote your overall health. This powdered formula also provides protein and fiber to help support weight management by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. The proprietary blend combines L-glutamine, MCT oil, glucomannan, lysine, HCI, boron, and vanadium to help you maintain or get reacquainted with an active lifestyle. Vital Nutrients' Vital Clear 942 g/33.23 oz may be just what you need to help you stick with your health and wellness goals.

The benefits of using Vital Clear may include:

  • Support for energy level.
  • Healthier immune function.
  • Support for weight management.
  • Support for healthy inflammatory response.
  • Support for healthy blood sugar levels.
Heat Sensitive Product
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942 g/33.23 oz (powder)