UltraInflamX PLUS 360 Orange 23.21 oz by Metagenics

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UltraInflamx PLUS 360 Orange is a special formulation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from Metagenics designed to help the body to manage inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease while helping to repair some of the complications chronic inflammation can bring.

There are a few unique traits that make UltraInflamx PLUS 360 Orange an excellent choice for individuals with inflammatory bowel disease. It utilizes a gentle and agreeable rice based, which in turn means that it is unlikely to cause negative interactions with the digestive system.

The other major advantage of this supplement from Metagenics pertains to the way it aims to actively help patients deal with inflammatory bowel disease and aid them in treating the further complications it can cause. It includes anti-inflammatory agents like l-glutamine and magnesium. Biotin, copper and chromium represent vitamins and minerals included to help patients overcome deficiencies caused by inflammatory bowel disease.

Some of the additional benefits of taking UltraInflamx PLUS 360 Orange by Metagenics include:

  • Actively supplying anti-inflammatory agents to help reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Aiding in the repair of damaged intestinal tissue by soothing IBD symptoms and supplying nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc
  • Including bioavailable versions of nutrients like magnesium designed to make bowel movements less painful and more regular
  • Avoiding irritation caused by certain ingredients, as this formula lacks dietary fiber and hard-to-digest foods
  • Supplementing the nutritional deficiencies that people with IBD tend to have
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