Ultra Vite 75 II 60 tabs by Douglas Labs

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This supplement by Douglas Labs has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that support numerous functions in the human body. In addition to over 20 important nutritional ingredients, this supplement contains antioxidants. This supplement can:

  • Support the immune system
  • Defend against free radicals
  • Increase iron levels
  • Promote cognitive health

The antioxidants in Ultra Vite 75 II are useful for countering the effects of natural aging. When combined with regular exercise and proper hydration habits, this supplement can reduce free radicals in the body. This may reduce wrinkles and organ damage.Douglas Labs has also included a high-potency B-vitamin complex in Ultra Vite 75 II. Several studies suggest that B-vitamins can increase cell metabolism while improving brain cognition. Athletes and elderly people may benefit from these components of the supplement.
Endurance athletes may also benefit from the iron contents of Ultra Vite 75 II. The iron allows the body to produce more hemoglobin when expanding lung capacity and creating additional oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

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60 tabs