Ultra K2 (Menatetrenone) 15 mg 90 Caps by Klaire Labs

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Recent research is revealing the benefits of Vitamin K2 or menatetrenone. This is a vitamin that is not always easy to find in foods or even most vitamin supplements. That's why Ultra K2 15 by Klaire Labs, can be such a beneficial supplement to take. Each capsule provides you with 15,000 mcg of Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K is, among other things, essential for bone health. It works in conjunction with Vitamin D in this regard. Just as there are several types of B vitamins, Vitamin K also comes in several forms -K1, K2 and K3. Most of the Vitamin K that we get through foods, mostly vegetables, is in the form of Vitamin K1. Vitamin K3 is a synthetic vitamin and does not occur naturally in the body. Certain studies indicate that Vitamin K3 may be toxic, especially to children.

It is Vitamin K2 that is the essential form of Vitamin K that many people are lacking. There are foods that are high in Vitamin K2, including certain cheeses, chicken liver and other organ meats. However, most people do not normally get high doses of this vitamin in their daily diet. It is also not a vitamin that is found in many multivitamins. There is evidence that people with a Vitamin K2 deficiency may be at greater risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Klaire Labs is a trusted brand that has been selling a wide variety of supplements since 1969. Their Ultra K2 provides you with a safe and convenient way to get a consistent dosage of this essential vitamin.

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