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Amino acids serve a variety of important roles that contribute to good health, including assisting the body in energy production and helping to support various metabolic processes. Tri Amino by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement that offers a blending of three bioavailable amino acids: L-ornithine‚ L-arginine‚ and L-lysine. Tri Amino by Douglas Labs offers a convenient way to ensure that the body receives the kinds of amino acids it needs to carry out the wide range of functions involved in maintaining optimum health.

By taking Tri Amino by Douglas Labs on a regular basis, the individual receives several significant health benefits:

  • Aids in removing such toxins as ammonia from the bloodstream.
  • Helps the body more easily produce energy which is readily available for use.
  • Helps in the production of collagen to improve the health of connective tissues throughout the body.
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