Tremella & American Ginseng 270 tabs by Health Concerns

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Tremella & American Ginseng by Health Concerns is an herbal dietary supplement designed to support healthy respiratory system function. Tremella & American Ginseng by Health Concerns works to effectively strengthen bone marrow, tone the yin, nourish the blood, and strengthen lung, kidney, spleen and stomach function. It has been proven to be a very beneficial supplement for use by individuals bothered by chronic dry cough, caused by such respiratory disorders as pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis. It is also a very helpful tonic for people with chronic viral syndromes such as CFIDS. The key ingredient in this formula is tremella, effective for nourishing both lungs and stomach. Added to this is American ginseng, useful for eliminating heat, along with astragalus, schizandra, raw rehmannia, and lyceum fruit.

Individuals who incorporate Tremella & American Ginseng by Health Concerns into their daily regimen of supplements can expect to receive several key health benefits:

  • Nourishes the blood and strengthens bone marrow.
  • Promotes good respiratory health.
  • Eliminates heat and toxins.
  • Offers relief from coughing, fatigue and night sweats.
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270 tabs