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Tran-Q by Metagenics is an herbal dietary supplement designed to support the natural release of built-up tension. The formula for Tran-Q by Metagenics is derived from a traditional Chinese herbal remedy that helps to purge any energy that has become trapped or stagnant within either the heart or the liver, the main organ of detoxification in the body. This supplement features a proprietary herbal extract blend combining polygala root, jujube fruit, biota seed, poria fungus, tangerine peel, gardenia fruit, licorice root, rehmannia root, job's tear seed, platycodon root, and Bai-Zhu Atractylodes Rhizome. It serves as an excellent tension reliever for those who want to avoid medications that are addictive and have unwanted side effects.

Individuals who take Tran-Q by Metagenics as directed can receive a number of important health benefits:

  • Promotes the natural release of tension.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular and liver function.
  • Promotes increased stress management and relaxation.
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60 tabs