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Taurine 500 mg from Bio-Tech is used to supplement the natural taurine in the human body. Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid and is a necessary building block of protein. The heart, brain, retina of the eye, and blood platelets contain the largest amounts of taurine in the body. Taurine is a conditional amino acid, meaning the body can make this amino acid on its own. However, Taurine 500 mg from Bio-Tech can help people with a taurine deficiency who cannot make this amino acid on their own. Taurine 500 mg from Bio-Tech has also been used to help with congestive heart failure, to decrease high blood pressure, decrease high levels of bad cholesterol, and to help with liver disease. In addition, Taurine 500 mg from Bio-Tech has the following uses and benefits:

• Improving eye problems that involve the retina
• Increasing mental performance
• Improving muscle performance
• Helping the body to absorb nutrients
• Aiding in chemical detoxification

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