Spectra Woman 240 tabs by Davinci Labs (DISCONTINUED)

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The Spectra Woman by Davinci Labs is an all-natural mineral supplement and multi-vitamin specifically for women. This dietary supplement utilizes GLA and grapeseed extract from primrose oil. The Spectra Woman by Davinci Labs is the only high potency multi-vitamin for women that contains 56 nutrients and:

• Antioxidant properties for maintaining overall capillary strength
• Specifically designed to address needs of women
• Provides calcium for optimal bone health
• Biotin and beta-carotene for hair and nail health

The Spectra Woman by Davinci Labs is a mineral supplement that contains iron for healthy red blood cell production and maintenance. This multi-vitamin for women contains essential amino acids that are essential for increased mental energy. Made in pure crystalline form, these minerals and vitamins are immediately assimilated by the body.

The Spectra Woman by Davinci Labs contains vital fatty acids necessary for the efficient production of prostaglandins throughout the body. This mineral supplement combats the effects of PMS, aging, stress on the body.

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240 tabs