Sodium Bicarb/Potassium Bicarb 100 caps by Bio-Tech

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Sodium and potassium work together to help your muscles function properly. During tough workouts, you will tend to sweat a lot of sodium and potassium out because these minerals are highly water-soluble. You need these minerals to properly regulate your body temperature. Here are the benefits of adding Bio-Tech Sodium Bicarb/Potassium Bicarb to your diet.
Athletes might start to cramp up once they lose too much salt or potassium while sweating. Potassium is naturally found in bananas. Here are the primary benefits of the Bio-Tech Sodium Bicarb/Potassium Bicarb dietary supplement:

  • AcidBase Balance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cell Nutrient Transmission
  • Muscle Contractions
  • Temperature Management

There are 100 capsules in this Bio-Tech Sodium Bicarb/Potassium Bicarb product.

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