Zinc Glycinate Liquid 15.2 fl oz by Seroyal Genestra

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Zinc Glycinate Liquid 15.2 fl. oz. by Seroyal Genestra is a mineral formula providing zinc in a liquid form as zinc bisglycinate. A single teaspoon offers 30 mg of bioavailable zinc for immunity health.

This formula has 43% more bioavailability than other forms of zinc, which means more efficient and greater absorption by the body. Our body does not make zinc on its own, but it is essential to our bodily functions. Zinc plays a significant role in immune health by regulating natural killer cells, assisting the cytokine response, and stimulating immune cell production. Zinc is significant in many major body processes such as protein synthesis, enzymatic reactions, and DNA synthesis. Zinc reduces inflammation, which can aid in skin care and protect against some chronic illnesses.

Seroyal Genestra's Zinc Glycinate Liquid 15.2 fl. oz. is a great tasting immunity booster that

  • Has 43% more bioavailability
  • Helps fight bacteria and infection
  • Maintains bone, skin, hair, and nail structure

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