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SeroSyn by Metagenics is a supplement designed to help a person's mood while helping the biological processes of the body to cope with mental stresses. It does so by modulating the amount of serotonin available within the body by utilizing levels of 5-HTP and theanine shown to be clinically effective. The reason balancing serotonin is so useful pertains to the way serotonin is involved in the body. It facilitates healthy gastrointestinal movement and has a profound effect on how the brain experiences appetite, controls the digestive processes, changes social behavior and mood, utilizes sleep, and forms memories. By balancing serotonin levels with SeroSyn by Metagenics, individuals can benefit from brighter moods, clearer memories, more restful sleep and more.

The benefits of taking SeroSyn by Metagenics include:

  • Ensuring serotonin levels remain balanced, which can have normalize mood and behavior
  • Helping a person to feel like they have more available energy
  • Normalizing feelings of appetite, which include satiety, and reducing digestive inconsistencies
  • Facilitating more restful and complete sleeping patterns
  • Helping to ensure the brain can form reliable short- and long-term memories by helping serotonin to become more available within the brain
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