Keratin Hair Booster 60 vegcaps by Reserveage

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Strengthen and Nourish Your Hair & Nails. Better Than Biotin Alone.*
Coloring, heat styling and everyday shedding can take a toll on your hairs appearance. For tresses that cant keep up with the stress of styling, coloring and shedding, keratin, the fibrous protein that makes up 80% of your hair can help untangle your woes. Keratin helps improve the growth of thicker and shinier hair and promotes stronger and healthier nails.

Biotin is used in your body as a source of amino acids. These amino acids are then converted to Keratin. For faster results, derived straight from the Keratin source, Reserveage Keratin Hair Booster delivers an all-in-one solution by helping you skip the additional step.

This product strengthens and nourishes your hair and nails in a much more efficient manner compared to Biotin alone. *

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Heat Sensitive Product
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60 vegcaps