Pure L-Arginine HCl 500 mg 250 caps by Montiff

by Montiff
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Pure L-Arginine HCL 500 mg by Montiff provides an effective way to obtain a pure form of l-arginine, which is an essential amino acid required by the body to repair and grow. It can be used to speed the recovery of healing certain injuries, quickening the time it takes to repair damaged tissue, and aid in decreasing blood pressure and minimizing angina pains.Pure L-Arginine HCL 500 mg from Montiff provides arginine in its acidic and most bioavailable form. This maximizes the body's ability to utilize the arginine, which in turn means that less of this ingredient is wasted.

The benefits of taking Pure L-Arginine HCL 500 mg by Montiff include:

  • Helping to mitigate chest pain (angina), which in turn can help to promote a more active and fulfilling lifestyle in patients with cardiovascular conditions.
  • Lowering high blood pressure in people with slightly elevated levels of blood pressure and healthy individuals.
  • Reducing leg pain associated with poor blood flow.
  • Increasing wound healing following operations and surgeries and decreasing the rate of post-operative infections.
  • Stimulating athletic performance by widening the blood vessels, increasing the rate of blood flow, and maximizing the amount of oxygen cells take in during exercise.
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