Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced 60 vcaps by Priority One Vitamins

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Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced 60 vcaps by Priority One Vitamins is a specifically formulated supplement to disrupt biofilms within the body. Biofilm Phase 2 targets the strong biofilms attached to one of the body's surfaces that are a primary cause of infections.

Biolfilms are communities of fungi or bacteria banded together and covered in a protective seal called extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). These communities remain protected from normal body conditions and defense mechanisms that can remove or harm them. The EPS also protects them against antibiotics usually used to remove these specific types of infections. Biofilm Phase-2 uses a tested formula created strictly to disrupt these biofilms. This disruption can help cleanse the body or prevent biofilms from correctly forming and possibly leading to harmful infections.

Priority One Vitamins Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced 60 vcaps provided added immune support by

  • Disrupting biofilms
  • Reducing the risk of bacterial infections
  • Aiding the body's natural defense system
Heat Sensitive Product
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60 Vegetarian Capsules