Potassium Orotate 100 vcaps by Priority One Vitamins

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Potassium Orotate by Priority One Vitamins is a dietary supplement designed to support proper fluid regulation in the blood stream and cells. The key ingredient in Potassium Orotate by Priority One Vitamins is potassium, an important mineral and electrolyte that also promotes proper muscle function, contributes to the transmission of nerve signals, and supports healthy digestion. Orotic acid is included in this formula to aid in potassium absorption. This is an ideal supplement to treat the symptoms of potassium deficiency, a condition called hypokalemia, which include dry skin, confusion and memory loss, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness.

Individuals who take Potassium Orotate by Priority One Vitamins on a daily basis as directed can experience a number of important health benefits:

  • Supports proper regulation of fluids in the cells and the blood stream.
  • Promotes proper functioning of muscles.
  • Aids in the transmission of signals within the nervous system.
  • Promotes healthy digestion.
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