Yin Chiao Classic by Planetary Herbals

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Yin Chiao Classic by Planetary Herbals is a natural immune health support supplement and cold remedy. It contains the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs that make up Yin Chiao in a convenient formula.

Yin Chiao is used for the prevention of illnesses such as the cold and flu, especially during the changing of the seasons. The ingredients include forsythia, platycodon root, honeysuckle, and lophatherum, which aid in respiratory function by reducing lung swelling, clearing congestion, and fighting illness-causing bacteria and viruses. This natural blend is a protective measure to maintain immune balance and reduce symptoms such as congestion caused by allergies or infections like the flu. This formula, which is hundreds of years old, is used to help relieve annual colds by stopping them at their source while reducing symptoms such as trouble breathing.

Planetary Herbals' Yin Chiao is a traditional immune-boosting and respiratory health supplement.

  • Reduce lung inflammation
  • Antibacterial
  • Expectorant

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