Andrographics 400 mg by Planetary Herbals

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Andrographics by Planetary Herbals is a natural cold-fighting and immune-boosting dietary supplement. It contains Andrographis aerial parts and extracts for maximum benefits in boosting immunity.

Most cold medicines only target the symptoms, such as runny nose, that an infection causes. Many of these cold medicines also have added ingredients and unwanted side effects. Andrographis is a bitter herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has properties that make it a potent remedy for infections such as the common cold. If taken after an infection has occurred, Andrographis will speed up the recovery time by helping remove the bacteria. Andrographis can also reduce the severity of symptoms such as respiratory inflammation and cough while it aids in recovery. Andrographis targets the cause of the cold and provides safer relief of symptoms.

Planetary Herbals' Andrographics is a straightforward and natural cold relief remedy.

  • Reduce cold duration
  • Relieve cold symptoms
  • Fend off bacteria

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