Phytoestrogen Tonic Compound 4 oz by Herb Pharm

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Phytoestrogen Tonic Compound by Herb Pharm is a liquid herbal dietary supplement designed to support healthy functioning of the female reproductive system. Herb Pharm has carefully blended select herbal extracts derived from sustainably wildcrafted and certified organic botanicals to create its Phytoestrogen Tonic Compound. These include black cohosh rhizome with rootlet, chaste tree berry, saw palmetto berry, sage leaf, and licorice root and stolen. This supplement provides women of all ages with a broad spectrum of valuable therapeutic plant compounds to help them meet the challenges of menstrual cycles as well as menopause.

Women who incorporate Phytoestrogen Tonic Compound from Herb Pharm into their daily dietary regimen can expect to receive a number of significant health benefits:

  • Supports healthy functioning of the reproductive system.
  • Helps to regulate hormonal balance.
  • Alleviates PMS symptoms, including cramps, bloating and headaches.
  • Alleviates such menopausal symptoms as hot flashes, mood swings and loss of libido.
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