Phosphatidyl Serine SF 60 caps By Klaire Labs

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Phosphatidyl Serine SF by Klaire Labs is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy brain and nerve cell membrane function, promoting improvement in such cognitive skills as memory and learning. Phosphatidyl Serine SF from Klaire Labs features Sharp-PS GREEN phosphatidylserine as its key ingredient, phospholipids comprised of two long chain fatty acids that have been sourced from sunflower lecithin in order to be free from soy. Phospholipids play a key role in helping trigger those specific neurotransmitters in the brain connected to healthy memory and the ability to learn new information. This is an ideal supplement choice for both men and women seeking to avoid cognitive impairment associated with aging.

Individuals who take Phosphatidyl Serine SF from Klaire Labs as part of their daily nutritional routine can expect to enjoy a variety of significant health benefits:

  • Supports healthy brain and cognitive function.
  • Promotes improved memory and learning ability.
  • Supports healthy nerve cell membrane function.
  • Helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.

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