Pancreatic Enzyme Formula 180 vcaps by Pure Encapsulations

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Pancreatic Enzyme Formula is a dietary supplement used to optimize the body's natural ability to digest food. This Pure Encapsulations product uses enzymes to break down fats, proteins, and starch.


  • Pancreatic Enzyme Formula contains enzymes naturally found in the pancreas. These enzymes help the body to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals and to digest food.
  • This Pure Encapsulations product contains lipase, an important digestive enzyme that breaks down fats.
  • It also contains protease, an enzyme that breaks down the bonds that hold together proteins, turning them into amino acids and peptides. Protease also helps break down unwanted toxins, which helps shield the immune system from unwanted wastes.
  • The amylases in this supplement promotes the healthy digestion of starch.

Pancreatic Enzyme Formula uses porcine enzymes to provide digestive support to people who need it. The three enzymes work in tandem to break down food and toxins, leading to healthy digestion and improved overall health. This Pure Encapsulations product is recommended for people who have digestive troubles, especially those caused by celiac disease, Crohn disease, and cystic fibrosis.

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