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As individuals age, their risk greatly increases for bone loss and osteoporosis that can result in serious injury. OsteoTech by Bio-Tech is a dietary supplement designed to nourish bone structure so that bones that are being built and repaired will be strong and dense. What makes OsteoTech by Bio-Tech so effective at nourishing bones is its unique formulation that contains vitamins and minerals proven to promote healthy bones and joints. These include calcium, magnesium, Vitamin K and Vitamin D3, phosphorous, copper, manganese, zinc and boron.

Individuals who take OsteoTech by Bio-Tech as directed can enjoy a number of key health benefits:

  • Aids in directing bioavailable calcium and other essential nutrients directly into the bone structure rather than surrounding tissues.
  • Helps in the development of strong and dense bone matter.
  • Aids in preventing osteoporosis and weak bones that increase the risk of fractures.
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