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Osteobios 30 ml from Guna Inc. is a liquid supplement. This supplement provides many benefits and can be used for several different purposes. Its specific blend of many different natural and homoepathic substances as well as vital enzymes and hormones make it an ideal supplement to improve bone healing. Bones can heal faster and stronger and also be a at a decreased risk of fracturing again with this supplement. In addition, Osteobios 30 ml from Guna Inc. can help reduce and prevent osteoporosis, a common, yet problematic bone disease experienced by the elderly population, especially in women. This happens, in part, due to hormonal changes in women around menopause

Osteobios 30 ml from Guna Inc also has the following uses and benefits:

• Decreasing bone pain
• Reducing the chance future bone injuries
• Increasing bone cell growth
• Slowing or preventing the release of calcium from the bones which can lead to bone breakdown and injury

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