Omeosport 8 gms by Guna (DISCONTINUED)

by Guna
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For athletes or others who undergo sports training, finding relief from muscle soreness is important. Omeosport 8 gms is designed to help increase athletic performance naturally by reducing the body's recovery time. This unique supplement is designed by GUNA and formulated to aid the body in cellular energy metabolism. The end result is a supplement that boots stamina and fights fatigue. One way that Omeosport 8 gms helps the body recover is by aiding in detoxification. This product also contains glandula suprarenalis, which helps with hormonal regulation naturally.

 Omeosport 8 gms relieves muscle cramps, muscle soreness and fatigue related to sports training.
 GUNA formulated this product to aid in natural detoxification using alpha-ketoglutaric acid, alpha-lipoic ac, barium oxalosuccinate and ginseng.
 Contains ascorbic acid, beta vulgaris, cerium oxalicum, cis-aconitic acid and embryo extract to aid cell metabolism.
 GUNA has also added fumaricum acidum as a natural anti-inflammatory.

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8 gms