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Herb Pharm produces its popular Olive Leaf 4 oz extract by harvesting the leaves of organically grown olea Europa trees to ensure the purity of its product and prevent any contamination from fertilizers, chemical residues or herbicides. The main ingredient in olive leaf extract is oleuropein, a polyphenol that is a natural remedy for a variety of health conditions.

Olive Leaf extract may offer numerous potential health benefits, thanks to its antioxidant properties in addition to being used possibly as an anti-inflammatory agent with many additional disease-fighting capabilities. Although inviduals may get oleuropein into their diet by consuming olive oil in large quantities, Olive Leaf by Herb Pharm is a much more convenient and easy way to ensure that this beneficial, health-giving substance is included as part of the daily nutritional intake. Individuals who suffer from a variety of ailments, ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure may also benefit by taking Olive Leaf extract as directed to help alleviate some symptoms.

Olive Leaf has gained a well-earned reputation for potentially helping reduce high blood pressure and potentially help strengthen the body's overall immune system response. Individuals who live and work under stressful conditions may need a dietary supplement such as Olive Leaf by Herb Pharm in order to possibly help boost their immune system and make them less likely to be reactive to any bacterial and viral infections they may potentially encounter from their environment.

Some individuals who take the convenient Olive Leaf extract liquid form produced by Herb Pharm has also reported additional benefits such as improved skin condition, decreased food cravings, less pain in the joints, and reducing toothache pain. Since olive leaves are naturally astringent and antiseptic, taking Olive Leaf extract by Herb Pharm on a regular basis may potentially help to decrease the likelihood of being infected by bacteria or viruses.

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