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HMB 500 mg 120 vegcaps by Now is a muscle-sparing supplement that reduces the breakdown of muscle protein. HMB is short for Hydroxy Methyl butyrate, a metabolite of the amino acid and muscle builder Leucine.

Leucine is the primary amino acid and highly beneficial to protein synthesis and muscle building. HMB provides a similar effect in that it reduces muscle breakdown. It helps to preserve the muscle that exists, which can be beneficial when adding on additional muscle. This prevention of loss is useful for athletes restricting their diets while maintaining muscle mass or strength. HMB can additionally be helpful by reducing muscle recovery times from exercise. HMB can even help fend off muscle atrophy when it's not in use, such as in patients who cannot move or exercise.

Now's HMB 500 mg 120 vegcaps provides muscle support by

  • Reducing muscle breakdown
  • Enhancing muscle recovery
  • Assisting with muscle maintenance

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