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Brain Attention 60 chewables By Now is a caffeine-free chewable dietary supplement for cognitive support. It contains Silk Protein Hydrolysate Complex or Fibroin, a protein from the silk produced by a silkworm to improve memory and attention.

48% of the protein fibroin is made up of glycine. When made into fibroin hydrolysate through hydrolysis, the protein™s bioavailability is increased for better absorption and use by the body. Glycine inhibits and stimulates and inhibits cells in the central nervous system and brain and helps produce other chemicals that affect them. Glycine is responsible for affecting mood, cognition, sleep, and appetite, among other essential bodily functions. One stimulant-free chewable contains 200 mg of Silk Protein Hydrolysate Complex for enhancing cognitive performance

Now™s Brain Attention 60 chewables is a cognitive support supplement in a flavored chewable tablet.

  • Aids memory retention
  • Improve attention
  • Delicious chocolate flavored chewable
  • Supports learning and focus

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