NoFlush Niacin 430 mg 75 caps by Allergy Research Group

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NoFlush Niacin 430 mg is a supplement that provides the heart healthy benefits of niacin without the irritating side effects of the nutrient. This Allergy Research Group product is specially formulated to reduce the "niacin flush," the skin rash that can erupt due to niacin usage.


  • NoFlush Niacin 430 mg is released to the body slowly. This prevents the itchy, red rash that can develop due to quick release formulas.
  • Niacin supports healthy cholesterol because of the beneficial effect it has on triglycerides.
  • It may also enhance cellular and arterial health.
  • This Allergy Research Group supplement is hypoallergenic.
NoFlush Niacin 430 mg is a heart healthy supplement that has eliminated the unwanted side effects of its primary ingredient. This Allergy Research Group product is recommended for people who want to maintain healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular function but don't want to suffer from "niacin flush."
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