Nasya Oil 1 oz by Banyan Botanicals

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In Ayurvedic tradition, the nose is the doorway to our consciousness and the entrance for the life force known as prana. Coming into the body through the breath, keeping prana flow healthy is important for overall mental health. Nasya Oil is designed to do this. Available through Banyan Botanicals, this oil helps lubricate nasal passageways for ease of expelling excess bodily fluids. In addition, Nasya Oil from Banyan Botanicals is believed to better vocal quality, aid in bettering mental clarity and enhance vision.

Benefits of Nasya Oil from Banyan Botanicals include:

  • Increased lubrication of the nasal passages.
  • Cleansing and soothing of tissues in the head.
  • Promotion of concentration and mental clarity.
  • Promotion of vata, kapha and pitta balance.
  • Promotion of uncongested breathing.
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