MetaKids Nutrition Powder by Metagenics

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If your child is a picky eater, they may not be getting the nutrition they need for healthy growth from the foods they consume on a daily basis. MetaKids Nutrition Powder from Metagenics is a dietary supplement that provides comprehensive nutrition for children ages 4 through 12 and guards against nutritional deficiencies that can lead to chronic illness. In addition to a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and minerals, the formula for MetaKids Nutrition Powder by Metagenics also features plant-sourced DHA, the same prebiotic human milk oligosaccharides as found in mother's milk, and such essential nutrients as choline and L-lysine. Offered in either vanilla or chocolate flavors, just one scoop mixed with water creates a nutritious and delicious beverage that supplies a complete and balanced source of protein for growing young bodies.

Children who incorporate MetaKids Nutrition Powder from Metagenics into their daily diets as directed can expect to enjoy a number of significant health benefits:

  • Promotes overall good health and well-being.
  • Supplies complete and balanced protein for healthy growth and development.
  • Boosts immune system response to protect against infection.
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