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Stress, travel, poor dietary choices and antibiotic usage can all play havoc with the digestive system. SpectraZyme Metagest by Metagenics is a dietary supplement designed to support a digestive process that is smooth and problem-free. The two key ingredients contained in SpectraZyme Metagest by Metagenics are pepsin and betaine hydrochloride, both of which are effective agents at helping maintain a healthy digestive system. This formula is even more effective because it is also totally free from any artificial additives or food allergens.

Adults who take SpectraZyme Metagest by Metagenics as directed can enjoy some very important health benefits:

  • Provides an all-natural method for enhancing digestion.
  • Helps to prevent indigestion and stomach upsets.
  • Supports a smooth digestive process and regular elimination of wastes, avoiding diarrhea or constipation.
  • Helps to increase the body's production of its own natural digestive enzymes.
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270 tabs